Trader (Tim Grittani) Turns $1,500 To $1 Million In 3 Years


Click on the link above to see the article about how Tim Grittani turns $1,500 to $1Million in 3 years.

Tim Grittani’s trades are verified through for transparency which all traders should aspire.


Timothy Sykes profits


3 thoughts on “Trader (Tim Grittani) Turns $1,500 To $1 Million In 3 Years”

  1. WOW! $1500 turned into $1.000.000 in only 3 years! Are you insane!!! That’s absolutely mind blowing! How did he make so much of the green stuff in just 3 years? Being verified trades, I know this is true, otherwise I would just have considered this a hype and move on. Think I’m joining to find out how he did it.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you find this useful and excited. Joining is free. You can check the trades of all the traders (especially the successful ones). You can make big money or lose big money in trading. Make sure that you have the right knowledge and foundation to make you a consistently profitable trading. I am still learning to becoming one. Anyway, feel free to ask any questions about trading and don’t forget to suggest if you would like me to add any particular content in my blog.


  2. It’s always amazing to hear about these kinds of stories of people coming from 0 or beyond that and making a name for themselves. I know not everyone can do this, but some can which means they did something right (I don’t buy into the hype that they are geniuses). I think you just have to stick to it for a longer period of time (3-5 years) and know what you are doing.


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