Learned something today – What to expect on Previous Runner

Previous Runner/ Spiker can run 50% or more on the first day and even continue on the next few days.

So, how would you play if you have missed the first day and watching it for the next few days?

The best way to do is to wait until market open and wait for 15 minutes for it to settle down to see whether it will continue to run or fade.

Things to look out for:

1. Signs of spikes (Stocks going up)
– volume
– still holding green on the day
– another news or article
– chat room/ forum (audience)
– higher high and higher lows
– stair step chart with trendline

2. Signs of fading (Stocks going down)
– Red on the day
– heaps less volume compare to day one
– no news or article
– lower lows and lower highs
– no signs of reversal after 9.45am
– Obvious legs shown on the chart (bear short on every pop)


Timothy Sykes profit.ly profits


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